8 Simple yet Effective Christmas Marketing Tips

8 Simple yet Effective Christmas Marketing Tips

christmas marketing

Whether you love or loathe it, Christmas is often the busiest time of year for businesses everywhere, and there’s no getting away from all that Christmas cheer.  From small suppliers to large corporations, getting your Christmas marketing right can mean the difference between a flat or a fun New Year.  But gone are the days where a few twinkly lights and some tinsel in the window will entice customers to consider your Christmas offerings.  Here are our top 8 simple yet effective marketing tips for a cracking Christmas!

1. Update your website for the holiday mood

Cheesy?  Yes.  Necessary? Yes.  For each company logo with a small Santa hat hanging digitally off the first letter of the company name, there is a smile from a customer who, in 6 months time is trying to recall who they know that offers a solution to the problem they’re having, will remember your silly seasonal chapeau and probably call.  You see, as much as you may think that snowflakes on your website headers might be a bit in your face, what it’s showing is that you’re joining in with the spirit of togetherness that Christmas promotes.  And who doesn’t like to feel that the companies they deal with are actual human beings who might just love Christmas as much as they do?

So deck the ads, trim the backgrounds and stick a Santa hat on every other vowel (ok, maybe that’s a bit much…).

If you’d like holiday graphics showcasing your logo with some Christmas cheer, or branded opening times or company Christmas cards, then call us now so that you’re ready and raring to rock around the Christmas marketing tree!

2.  Pay attention to Christmas keywords

We know we keep going on about keywords, but they are so important for drawing in the right customers at the right time, especially when thinking about Christmas marketing.  The phrase “Happy Christmas” might grate on you, but your customers might not search for “Merry Christmas”.  Try to think like your customer base and you won’t go far wrong.

Slight adjustments to the wording of your Christmas marketing might be the difference between getting the sale or not.  For example, if you are a holiday company that offer seasonal breaks then you might want to tweak your wording from “December break” to “Christmas break”, as this is probably a better search term for your clients.

Don’t forget some call to action language, too.  Will you only have limited Christmas stock?  Then say so! Is there a “last chance to buy” date that you have in mind?   Let your customers know that!  Only posting until the third week of December?  Advertise that everywhere!   A little urgency not only helps nudge the consumer from basket to payment, but it helps you control stock and ensure arrival times.

And if you’re advertising products and services that may be of interest to people of different nationalities, or you’re noticing that you’re shipping products to a specific country, then why not try to add some Christmas messages for them, too?  Joyeux Noel & Feliz Navidad!

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3.  Don’t run out of presents!

This may seem totally obvious, but make sure that you’ve got plenty of stock and products to last you over the Christmas season.  This is especially important if you’re offering deals or discounts, as it’s likely that the stock will fly off the shelves and into the Christmas stockings!  A few tips for making sure you’re prepared are:

  • Do a stocktake in October so that you’re aware of how much stock you have and whether you need to buy or create more
  • Make sure you’re topped up in time to start your Christmas marketing in November.  Any later and you’ll miss the season altogether!
  • Keep your customers updated on your stock availability.  There’s nothing like an “Only 3 left in stock” message to persuade the undecided.
  • When you’re out of stock, say so!  You may think that it looks like you’ve done something wrong, but turn that on its head and brag about how popular your product has been and how lucky the gift receiver is to have such a rare and unique gift.

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4.  Stand out from the Crimbo crowd

While as marketers we’re not complaining about the fact that Christmas has become extremely commercial, we’re aware that this needs to be a consideration when plugging your products and services.  With more people turning away from churned out gifts and shying away from the ecological implications of mass creation and transportation of goods, could this be your marketing opportunity?

Yes, we could all pop to John Lewis, distracted by the twinkly window displays and the painfully slow cover version of an 80s pop song yodelled throughout their new Christmas advert.  But then aren’t we all buying the same factory-spewed stuff?

Take, as an example, Big Momma’s Knits in Pembrokeshire.  This colourful company creates hats, scarves, cowls, blankets and a myriad of other alpaca wool knitted products.  Although hats and scarves are not new Christmas gift ideas, and certainly, the company doesn’t claim to be reinventing the (spinning) wheel with their products, what they’ve done is create traditional gifts in their own punchy, bold,  rainbow-unicorn colours and styles.  Each item is hand-crafted, each piece individually created to order with your own choice of striking, brightly-coloured warmth.  It’s the perfect colour-pop personalised present and a welcome antidote to thoughtless gifting.

big mommas knits

5.  Buy one, give one

Christmas is a time for giving, so why not show your customers your softer side by offering a charitable promotion?

Buy one of our great gifts this Christmas and we’ll donate a portion of the sale price to our chosen annual charity.

Book a table at our restaurant for your Christmas party and we’ll offer the same amount of meals for the homeless this winter.

Spend over £50 with our company this season and we’ll match the price on donations to the local food bank for their Christmas collections.

Does it help you sell more products this Christmas?  Maybe.  Does it show your customers that you’re ethical and not just all about taking their money?  Yes.  Is it a good, Christmassy, warm and fuzzy thing to do?  Definitely.  This should be firmly on your Christmas to-do list.

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6. Track Santa via your website

Yes, really!  Google’s Santa Tracker is a fantastic Google site for children (and big kids) who want interactive games and educational content.  On the 24th of December, you can track Santa’s progress in delivering presents right across the world.  The software is geared mostly towards children, but why not incorporate the spirit of Christmas straight into your website by embedding the Google Santa Tracker theme?

From a marketing perspective, incorporating the Santa Tracker theme onto your website means that your website interactivity keeps going when your office is closed for the holidays and increases while people come to you for gift ideas.  It’s a fun way of allowing customers to connect and engage with your website, and it means they’re more likely to pop back next year to see if you’re still tracking Santa then, too!

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7.  Don’t forget about Boxing Day Sales

In the furore to get everything ready and posted for Christmas Day, it’s important to remember not to totally deplete your stock in December.  Boxing Day is a top-three sales day across the world, so it’s important to focus some attention towards the post-Christmas sales.

Let’s be honest, sometimes the hint-dropping may not have been heavy enough, so we’re all prone to a little post-Christmas self-indulgence.  And what better than to get what you really wanted on sale?

Once the posting date for Christmas has passed, start advertising your sales-price stock immediately.  It’s almost the only time of year where customers won’t be annoyed if they see you’ve dropped the price from what they’ve just paid for it, so take advantage and get your January Sales on early!

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8.  Get ready for the New Year!

Once the Christmas promotions are over, then it’s time to get ready for the impending year ahead.  The trick to being ready for the New Year is to replicate Santa: do all the magic work when nobody is looking.  Don’t be idle, don’t rest on your hollies, be ready for a whole new year of marketing and promotion with The Copy Collective.  While you’re recovering from a turkey hangover, we can be handling your marketing messages in readiness for a productive New Year.

Need to let your customers know when you’re re-opening after the Christmas break?  No problem, we can create a company-branded meme with your opening times for the New Year.

Want to send a New Year message to your loyal customers?  We’ve got it – let’s use your company colours to create an e-card to wish them all a Happy New Year.

Don’t want the hassle of social media posting while you write your New Years Resolutions?  Leave it to us.  We’ll schedule all of your Christmas and New Years posts for you so that when you’re ready, you can come back to work knowing it’s all been taken care of by our Christmas Elves.

So that’s it – with these 8 top Christmas marketing tips, we’re confident that you’ll be tinsel time ready!  All that’s left for you to do is email us your Christmas requests, switch on the fairy lights, warm up the mince pie and relax.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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