7 Ways to Promote your Event on Social Media

7 Ways to Promote your
Event on Social Media

promote your eventIt’s the school holidays, and the visitors have started packing the car up ready for a fantastic holiday to the area.  You’re gearing up for a great few weeks, and have tons planned to draw the crowds to your business.  You’re full of ideas – a gig, a fete, a festival, an open day – but how do you make sure that everyone knows when, where and why they should be at your event?

The answer is simple: promote your event on social media.  Everyone and their grandma’s dog are on social media; it has the largest audience anywhere on the internet.  So, if you want the masses to know that you’re planning a party and everyone’s invited, then splash it all over Facebook, Tweet to your heart’s content and get hashtagging away for a successful shindig.

Set up some social accounts, but not sure what to do next?  Read on to find our top 7 ways to promote your event on social media.

  1. Get your name out there

It’s important to make sure that you choose a compelling event name – Kevin’s BBQ won’t do!  If you’re a café hosting a public barbeque, then try something a bit more interesting, such as King of the grill Kevin’s Burger Bonanza.  Don’t be afraid of being too in-your-face – we can guarantee that someone else within a 5 mile radius will be hosting something similar over the summer, so the more memorable (even if it is cheesy) the better.
When you’ve chosen a great name, keep using the same name across each of your platforms.  Don’t forget to use a hashtag that represents your event that you can use to promote your event, and visitors can use to tag themselves at your event.  After all, a saliva-inducing picture on Instagram of the juiciest burger around will keep guests coming back to the #burgerbonanza year after year.

  1. Make it eye-catching

To promote your event on social media, you need to stand out from the millions of accounts.  How better to snag your potential audience’s attention from the word get-go than a brightly coloured, sophisticated logo?  A top tip when getting a logo created is to ensure that it works as a round icon so that you can use it as your social media profile picture (had you noticed that most platform’s profile pics are now round?).  From here, you can create amazing infographics to promote your event that you can post across all platforms or social media banners for your event pages. Your flashy graphics can also be used for printed materials, too, such as event posters, flyers and tickets.

  1. Rehash the past

If you’ve run a similar event in the past, or this is an annual event, then use past promotion to give people an idea of what to expect this time around.  As humans, we love nothing more than to be prepared for whatever situation we’re about to walk into, so play on this psychology by posting old videos or a photo gallery of past pics to promote your event to a new audience.

  1. Quote your celebs

From band lead singers at your festival to the town mayor attending your village fete, there’s always someone noteworthy attending that will pique the interest of your potential attendees.  Drum up interest in your “celebs” by sharing their picture or social media handle when you’re promoting your event run-up.  Don’t forget that by tagging them in your social media posts, you’re allowing their followers to see that their hero is attending your event.  Fan club members welcome!

  1. Create a contest

One clever way to promote your event over social media is to create a contest.  Whether it’s sharing your Facebook event page for a chance to win tickets to the event or free drinks on the night, or tagging a friend you’d take with you for a chance to meet the band or open the event, let your attendees do some of the work for you and reward them for it.  After all, this is social media, why not let your guests get involved!

  1. Give a sneak peek

Take user involvement to a whole new level by leaking behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of your event.  This could be something simple such as a before and after shot of your venue, or a snippet of the soundcheck of the amazing band you’ve hired for the evening.  A great bet is the preparation of food.  Let people see that freshly prepared pizza bubbling in the outdoor pizza oven and watch them flock for their supper!

  1. The early bird…

The essential process needed to promote your event on social media effectively is planning.  There’s no point putting a shout out on your business Facebook page the day before your event.  People won’t have registered that anything’s happening unless you’ve posted consistently, made your event content interesting, eye-catching and engaging, and given them plenty of time to tell friends, book a taxi and plan their outfit.

At The Copy Collective, we know that you’re busy just setting up the event itself.  You’ve done 3 trips to the wholesalers, set up the gazebo single-handedly and are desperately searching for that microphone cable.  We get it.  This is why we offer an Event Promotion package that takes some of the hassles out of your big day.  Give us a call at least 8 weeks before your event so that we can get to work permeating all the social streams, allowing you time to perfect the event everyone will be talking about until next summer.  You bring the party; we’ll bring the crowd!

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