Advice for promoting your Glamping Site

Advice for promoting your glamping site

promoting your glamping site

It’s not just digital trends that attract marketers – since its inception, the team at The Copy Collective have been involved in promoting the tourism industry’s trendiest movement; glamping.

With more and more diversification of land happening all over the UK, and with a plethora of different and unusual structure styles, glamping promotion is at the forefront of tourism marketing this year.

We’ve asked one of Wales’ most established glamping site owners, Beth Jones from Cwtch Camping in Pembrokeshire, to share her advice on promoting your glamping site in this fast-paced, ever-changing niche industry.

Hi Beth, thanks for talking with us.  Can you tell us a little bit of the history of your glamping site?

I started Cwtch Camping over a decade ago, long before any of us really had a clear idea of what glamping as a concept really was.  I wanted to offer visitors to Pembrokeshire somewhere unique to stay, and so I set up a glamping site before they were a “thing”.  This part of the world is truly special, and I wanted to offer a more earthy and natural way of experiencing that beyond the traditional caravan park.  At Cwtch Camping we offer three cosy wooden cabins, additional bell tents and camping facilities in our beautiful woodland setting.

Glamping is a relatively well-known industry now, but it wasn’t always that way.  What changes have you noticed over the last few years?

When I started Cwtch Camping, I wanted people to be able to have the freedom of being able to turn off their mobile phone and have a relaxing, detoxing experience.  To be able to detach from their busy lives and just be in nature.  While this is still the case, there seems to now be two types of glamping; the basic, back-to-nature, no electricity vibe, which we provide at Cwtch Camping, and then the more glamorous aspects such as Wifi, hot tubs and meals provided.

So has the umbrella term ‘glamping’ lost its relevance now that there’s more than one way to glamp?

There is the assumption that glamping always lives up to its portmanteau of ‘glamorous camping’ – people think that glamping is posh!  And whilst we aim to give our customers a fantastic experience at our glamping site, Cwtch Camping is about freedom from the trappings of the modern world.  We still provide little luxuries – you’ll find luxury bedding, fresh-cut flowers, logs for your fire, and fresh bread and a bottle of wine after your journey to us.  But we don’t offer electricity, so you won’t need to pack your hair straighteners for your visit!

How do you inform your customers of the type of glamping you offer at Cwtch Camping?

It’s really important to be as clear as possible on your website and in your marketing copy and imagery what you offer and what you don’t.  Keep updating your website’s copy, blogs and images every season. If, like us, you’re planning to be a more mindful glamping site, then be sure to use terms throughout such as ‘good night sleep’, ‘detach’, ‘unplug’, ‘mindful’.  Give your potential customers as much indication of your glamping site type as possible, bluntly and subtly, to manage expectations.  But also, be aware that some people just won’t have prepared – we still occasionally get people asking where the hot tub is!

How has the evolution of glamping from a relatively unknown niche to one of the UK’s leading tourism industries affected the way in which you market your glamping site?

Market saturation has meant that we must be more vigilant when it comes to marketing.  For example, all of our marketing ten years ago was email and Facebook as they were the only digital channels on offer back thenNow, we do a lot of business and get a lot of engagement via Instagram.  It’s a great visual medium which really showcases our site, and it allows me to share instant moments in a way I couldn’t do before.  Capturing a sunset as it happens and sharing it with feedback, which wasn’t possible before social media, and so you get to really explore customer service in a totally different way.   This helps with your previous question; we can instantly and visually manage expectation, using social media to express our site’s amenities and rural setting.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve learned in your years marketing your glamping site?

The biggest mistake any glamping site owner can make is to assume that people know how to deal with being in the countryside.  Living in a rural setting means we often take for granted its beauty and desirability and sharing local amenities and attractions such as beaches and restaurants nearby can increase the draw to your glamping site.  But also, don’t forget that the people needing a countryside retreat are usually the ones that are the least likely to know how to deal with being in the country.  I try to greet guests personally so that if they need help with lighting a fire or with luggage or facilities, I am on hand to explain.

Finally, Beth, what’s your top piece of advice for someone taking the first steps to opening a glamping site?

I think it’s really important that own your own brand, and you share your excitement.  When I started Cwtch Camping over 10 years ago, all I could do was talk about it – I was really enthusiastic about the uniqueness of the industry and our journey at Cwtch Camping, and it really paid off.  Share this enthusiasm with your current and potential customers, it’s the best form of marketing.  You can always tell businesses that have no marketing input from their owners.  Even if you are outsourcing your marketing because you’re busy, make sure you have input.  That spark that draws the crowds can only come from you.

To see Cwtch Camping’s successful social media channels, please follow them on Instagram and Facebook, or take a look at their website, www.cwtchcamping.co.uk

Don’t have the time to market your glamping site yourself, but still want the personal and enthusiastic touch?  Our marketers will meet with you, keep in regular contact, approve posts and content and seamlessly become part of your marketing team.  After all, it’s your glamping site, we just want to shout about it!

For a free glamping marketing consultation, give us a call or email us at hello@thecopycollective.co.uk with the subject line ‘Let’s glamp’ and we’ll get right back to you!

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