Taking the I out of business

Taking the I out of business

Why customer focused marketing, and not just focusing on your products, can make you money.


When setting up a new company, it’s very easy to get caught up in self-promotion.  You want to hit the ground running – logos, taglines and plenty of written materials to tell the world all about how great your company is.  You’ll be up to your eyeballs in social media scheduling, product photography and descriptive copywriting.  Your main focus will be to make yourself heard through the sea of other marketing voices projecting their message across the internet.

The best marketing promotion in the world won’t necessarily bring in the sales, though.
Yes, we hear your gasps.  Brace yourselves – we’re about the share some advice that will transform your marketing strategy.

Stop talking about yourselves and start talking to your customers.

Think about it.  If you were standing in a shoe shop, asking the store manager for a black rugby shoe, and all that they kept telling you in response that they had just brought out an orange football boot, you would soon get pretty fed up.  They could be the biggest sports shoe company on the internet, but they are not listening to you or providing you with that you’re asking for.  You would be very likely, in this circumstance, to spend your money elsewhere, even if it were with a less reputable company, if they provided you with that you asked for.

According to a recent study, customers who feel attached to a brand bring in 23% more revenue than those customers who feel disassociated with a company.  So how do you change tactics without overhauling all your hard work?

Do your research

Customers can easily learn a lot about your company and your reputation via Google searches, review sites and social media.  This leaves them completely in charge of the decision of whether to use your services or purchase from you…or not.  In order to successfully influence the buying decision, you also need to know as much as you can about your prospective customers.  Specifically, you need to know about their needs, desires and online behaviour.  This is where using the right marketing tools such as Google Analytics and social media insights can help you ascertain your followers’ interests. You can also contact the right marketing company, too…*nudge*.  Using this invaluable customer behaviour information, you can easily create content that you know will grab their attention, from that impactful post right through to checkout.  Ker-ching!

Change your business language

We’re not asking you to completely re-write your website.  But we are betting that there are some simple tweaks that can be made to your current copy that will revolutionise your marketing efforts.
Start looking at the way in which you phrase your communication.  Rather than “We can help you…”, why not change it to “Do you need help with…?”.  Remember, we’re trying to use customer-focused language here.  Instead of “We know what is important to your business” (what an arrogant statement!), how about “How do you feel that we can enhance your business?”
Not sure that you need to change your copy?  Ok, let’s do a little test – count how many times you have the words “us” or “we” in your marketing spiel?  If it’s more than once or twice, then you need to re-think your priorities (unless it’s your About  Us page, in which case we’ll let you off).  Websites are no longer brochures, they’re a place where customers come to be reassured that you, and only you, can meet their requirements.  Make sure to make them feel that it’s all about them at all times!

Maintain relationships

This brings us neatly on to our next point.  Once the customer has decided that they think you’re the company for them, don’t forget to make them feel like you feel the same.  Maintaining that new connection is as important as drawing their attention in the first place, as it means that you’re almost guaranteed the sale.  If they’ve put an item into a basket and then left the site, why not add a little friendly pop-up on the site to ask if you could help them further with their decision?  Or how about a chat box option, so they can speak to a member of your team – make yourselves accessible and clients will feel cared for.  Other ways in which to give your customers that special treatment is a quick email to say thank you after purchase, a tweet to say Happy Birthday, if this kind of information is shared with you, or even a hand-written Christmas card to show them that you’re genuinely grateful for their custom.  These little gestures will help keep you at the forefront of their minds when purchasing products and services in your industry in future.

Reward your followers

Another well-received trick is to reward your followers.  Want to keep them keen?  Then use the word “free”.  This could be whatever you’re able to give that would be of value to your customers.  You could run a competition to win a free pair of trainers, or a free weekend stay at your holiday complex.  This is not only a way in which customers feel that they are gaining something by being your customer, but this is also valuable marketing material for you – ask them to review their stay online or interview them on their experience for your next blog.
You can also offer free downloads of information: top 5 ways to use our product effectively, or our guide to this destination.  One of The Copy Collective’s clients offers free healthy eating recipe downloads to her loyal fitness customers.  It’s something that takes half an hour of her time per month but ensures that her clients keep signing up for her services every six months.

The bottom line is that the customer is always right…in the forefront of your marketing efforts.  Make it all about them, and they’ll stick with you.

Need help implementing some of the tips in this article?  Why not get in touch today or take a look through our blog to see if any of our other articles can help you further.

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